Automative lighting

HAZEA Circuit Technilogy High performance flexible PCB for automotive lamps, daily lights, taillights, atmosphere lamps and other multipurpose lamps

Displayer module

HAZEA Circuit Technilogy In the field of double-sided multilayer panel production, the displayer module has a mature high-tech technology, and has a strong competitive advantage in the peer products.

Optical equipment

HAZEA Circuit Technilogy The production of optical machine products use copper based soft and hard bonding board and multi-layer circuit board to occupy an absolute leading position in the industry, with rich experience in manufacturing.

Automative meter panel

HAZEA Circuit Technilogy With mature experience, the production of flexible circuit board is widely used in automobile instruments and other high-end display equipment.

Rigid -flex board

HAZEA Circuit Technilogy complete set of corresponding equipment and a group of experienced staff can produce reliable high-performance Rigid -flex board, which are widely used in automotive, medical and other industries.